Contact person for more information on each of the tools in the toolkit:

Public Engagement

Francisca Nordfalk

The Danish Board of Technology


Michele Farisco

Uppsala University

Data Governance

William Knight

De Monfort University

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Karin Grasenick


About this toolkit

This toolkit has been developed by Francisca Nordfalk at the Danish Board of Technology for the Human Brain Project (HBP) and EBRAINS – powering a new era within brain research.

HBP is a long-term and large-scale research initiative that pioneers digital brain research. The toolkit has been produced in Work Package 9, focusing on the ethical and societal implications of brain research.

This toolkit has been funded under HBP as a FET Flagships selected by the EU Commission. Specific Agreement number: 945539 — HBP SGA3 — H2020-SGA-FETFLAG-HBP-2019.

A special thank you to Elsa Alves for your contributions to this toolkit and to Søren Jepsen for all the great animations and graphical work.


The Danish Board of Technology


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