Data Governance

how to manage data value

About Data Governance

Data Governance in HBP Ethics and Society aims at managing data availability, quality, security, integrity, and compliance in research and innovation. The goal is to maximize data value while respecting data subject rights through the right People, Processes, and Technology. 
This tool addresses technical, ethical, legal, and societal challenges in data processing workflows to ensure efficiency, ethical soundness, legal compliance, and social acceptability.

Meet Professor Martinez

Professor Martinez is professor within Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, focusing on alterations in brain function for a population of Alzheimer’s disease patients. However, the evolving possibilities of de-identification, endangers the usual anonymisation techniques. So how can the privacy of their data subjects best be protected?

Watch the video and consider how you would proceed if you were Professor Martinez..

The Data Governance Quiz

Every research project will handle data in some manner or form, and so it’s important that you consider the issues and challenges which the handling of that data can raise. The processes, responsibilities, and technologies you use to handle those data comprise a data governance structure.

Further capacity development and the EBRAINS community space

Here you can find links to relevant teaching modules – our Capacity Development Modules – on Data Governance and to the EBRAINS Community Space, where you can network with other brain researchers.

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Thank you to Will Knight, Simi Akintoye and Damian Okaibedi Eke for your contributions to the text, video-script and quiz on Data Governance.