Public Engagement

how to engage with public opinions to improve your research

About Public Engagement

The aim of public engagement is to foster a dialogue between science and society that builds trust and understanding. This collaboration leads to research that better incorporates diverse public needs and values, resulting in sustainable innovation and societal sustainability. By engaging the broader public, research can be more relevant, acceptable, and desirable, while also anticipating and addressing potential roadblocks and public concerns about new knowledge and technologies.
Use this tool to reflect on how to engage with the public to enhance your research and its impact.

Meet Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel is a leading researcher within autism and works with combining neuroimaging and genetics. However, a recent discovery of the relationship between genetics and autism has received large public backlash. This poses a dilemma for Dr. Patel and her team about how to approach the subject…

Watch the video with Dr. Patel – what would you do if you were in a similar situation?

The Public Engagement Quiz

As part of your research project, you need to conduct a public engagement activity. This has been agreed with your funder to increase public interest and support. Now how do you approach this task?

Further capacity development and the EBRAINS community space

Here you can find links to relevant teaching modules – our Capacity Development Modules – on Public Engagement and to the EBRAINS Community Space, where you can network with other brain researchers.

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Thank you to Lise Bitsch and Nicklas Bang Bådum for your contributions to the text, video-script and quiz on Public Engagement.